SSRI Injuries

The main location for these SSRI-influenced birth defects is the newborn’s heart. One dangerous birth defect is an aortic stenosis, meaning a hole in child’s heart. Cleft palate is another side effect associated with this category of drugs.

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Yaz / Yasmin

Despite the potential benefits, Yaz® and Yasmin have been associated with several serious, even life-threatening side effects that tend to outweigh the oral contraceptive’s benefits.

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Trans-Vaginal Mesh Sling

If you have suffered from urinary incontinence and had a trans-vaginal mesh sling placed, you may be experiencing a new array of symptoms.

Trans-Vaginal Mesh

Rhode Island Drug Recall Attorneys

Rhode Island Drug Recall Lawyers

When the pharmaceuticals and medical devices designed to help us cause us harm, the situation is both frustrating and devastating. In a hurry to get their drugs approved and into the marketplace, large corporations may put profits ahead of consumer safety. A drug company may fail to perform the appropriate research or sufficient clinical trials and a drug’s dangerous side effects will go unnoticed; until consumers become injured. These injuries can range from digestive issues and mild allergic reactions to strokes and permanent heart defects.

If you have taken a medication or used a medical device and suffered an injury because of it, talk to a Rhode Island drug recall attorney about your rights. You deserve to be compensated for any expenses related to your injury, in addition to emotional compensation for the mental stress you consequently suffered.

Recalling Dangerous Drugs

Drug Recall AttorneysOccasionally, pharmaceutical companies will issue their own recalls if they discover dangerous side effects or negative long-term impacts that they were not able to test initially. Other times, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) who approved the drug will issue a public health advisory or require a product to add a “black box warning” to alert consumers about the potential dangers. When a drug or medical device has caused severe injury or death to many consumers, the FDA will recall the product.

However, in these cases, patients must suffer injuries before a warning or recall is issued. And if you are taking a dangerous medication and don’t know it, your health could be in jeopardy.

Potential Compensation

If you and your Rhode Island drug recall attorney can prove fault, you may be able to collect damages to cover:

  • Past, present and future medical bills
  • The cost of ongoing treatment and rehabilitation
  • Lost wages and lack of future earnings potential
  • Pain and suffering

Dangerous and Defective Medications and Medical Devices

Some products that have caused patients harm include:

If you live in Rhode Island and have suffered an injury or adverse reaction because of a dangerous drug, please contact our Rhode Island drug recall attorneys at 1-877-LOSS-RECOVER (567-7732) today to collect the damages you deserve. Our aggressive and effective lawyers will fight to get you a fair amount of compensation for your injuries, so please call today.